Charles Howse 
Photographer Artist

Working in both the digital and film worlds
to create images that I enjoy, and that
I hope will speak to you as an individual.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[ this section under construction, latest update 12/12/21] 

  • What is that Big Camera?

    • The View Camera, or Large Format Camera ione of the oldest styles or forms of camera.  It is quite a simple mechanism really, with a lens on front, and a holder for film in the other end, with a bellows in between to allow the lens to move closer to or further from the film to focus the image.

    • Film is prepared for use in the camera well before time to expose the film. In a darkroom, or lightproof changing bag, a single sheet of film is removed from its storage box and placed into a film holder. A dark slide is placed over the film to prevent unintended light from reaching it. The film holder is turned over and a sheet of film is placed in that side, thus a film holder is equipped for two exposures.

    • The end of the camera with the film holder is designed in a way that allows the film holder to be removed, which then places a ground grass viewing screen in the same plane where the film would be. The image projected by the lens can be seen on the ground glass to allow user to compose and focus the scene.

  • Is Film Still Available?

    • There are lots of options available for film. In fact more film is being produced now than there was ten years ago. The popularity of film and film methods of image creation is increasing.   

  • Will you photograph me?

    • Short answer is "maybe." If you have a look, or unique vibe, or interesting scenario that matches something I want to include in my portfolio or body of work, then yes, let's shoot!

  • What does a photo Session cost?

    • I use photography as a creative outlet, choosing subjects and scenes that help me express my artistic intent. As I am old and retired, and no longer depend on making a few bucks from photography, I seldom agree to be contracted to shoot events or individuals. But if, the price is high enough, or the subject is interesting enough, I can be tempted.

  • Where can I purchase a print?

    • Any of my images can be custom printed for you, on your choice of several substrates and sizes.  
      Contact me for more info.
      I currently do not have an 
      e-commerce web system enabled

  • Who owns copyright of photos and art?

    • All images, text and art are copyright © by Charles Howse, with all rights reserved, unless specific rights are purchased separately. Buying, or receiving from the artist, a print or a download of an image does not grant permission for further use, duplication, publication, or inclusion of that image in other works. 

  • Do You Teach? 

    • Yes, contact me for details for individual or group tutoring.

  • Who controls where photos will be seen?

  • Why shoot film?

  • Why shoot digital?

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