photo of Artist, Charles Howse

Charles Howse
Photographer Artist

Working in both the Digital and Analog worlds
to create images
that speak to you as an individual.

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  • About Me
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  • Gear I use
    • Digital Camera :Canon 90D, with various Series L lenses
    • Film Camera: 4x5 large format cameras, Zone VI folding field camera, and Cambo monorail studio camera
    • Tripods: Manfrotto
    • Lighting : Alien Bee and Profoto Studio Strobes, various light modifiers
    • Computer: Mac Mini M2, Mac M1 Notebook, intel pc 
    • Film Developing gear and chemistry
    • Film Scanner: Epson 850
    • Other Media - Graphite/charcoal on Paper
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Find and follow me on Social Media:

FaceBook     Model Mayhem      Flickr       Instagram.  



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